Friday, November 5, 2010

MOD: New Vegas Interface "Revelation"

Although I've been busy playing this beautiful game, I also checked the New Vegas Nexus, a sister-site to The Elder Scrolls Nexus, which is, hands down, the best source for mods for games published by Bethesda. So I stumbled upon this interface-mod. What it does? It changes the appaerance of the ingame-menues using graphics from older Fallout-games. In my opinion it fits better into the game than the default menues, which are kinda boring, but that is just my taste. Another benefit of this mod is the fact that it also enhances menues. See, in the normal version of the game, there are only like three choices displayed during dialogs, if you want to see the other choices you have to scroll. Using this mod allows you to view eight or nine, if I'm not mistaken.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

REVIEW: Fallout 3

Genre: RPG
Release: 2008
Platform: PC, Xbox360, PS3
Graphics: Mediocre. The setting itself was conveyed nicely, but due to the Gamebryo engine every face was fucked up and every animation was awkward. As a whole it was okay, but not something one would have expected.
Story: The player is born into a vault, your father breaks out of the vault, everyone is mad at you, you break free too and you start chasing your daddy.
The mainstory can be finished quite quickly, but what would a real rpg be without sidequests, right?
If the player really explores the whole wasteland around the destroyed Washington, he can be able to spend a fuckton of time in this game, just like in the previously made games by BethesdaOblivion and Morrowind, which are both black holes for time. But just like in Oblivion you feel never really "at home" in the capital wasteland. I can't put a finger on it, but I guess it's something about the characters not being fleshed out or something. The totally opposite was true for Morrowind. Just as I went off of the boat I felt "it". The game instantly caught my attention. Oblivion wasn't able to do this. And also Fallout 3 wasn't able to do so. Nevertheless it was a fun game, but the quests were just boring and not that fun. Bad writing on Bethesdas side I assume. (Hint: Fallout New Vegas is totally different. But since I haven't finished the mainquest yet I don't want to write about it right now. But just let me tell you this: IT IS SO MUCH BETTER) There was nearly nothing from the old Fallout games, except for stuff like the bobblehead-guy and the bloddy mess perk.
Awesome Fact: You could blow up a small town using an atomic-bomb-dud. Downside: that small settlement is one of the only places worth visiting to do some shopping/sleeping/questing/etc., on the bright side you get a permanent apartment in the highest building in the game.

RATING: 7/10