Friday, November 5, 2010

MOD: New Vegas Interface "Revelation"

Although I've been busy playing this beautiful game, I also checked the New Vegas Nexus, a sister-site to The Elder Scrolls Nexus, which is, hands down, the best source for mods for games published by Bethesda. So I stumbled upon this interface-mod. What it does? It changes the appaerance of the ingame-menues using graphics from older Fallout-games. In my opinion it fits better into the game than the default menues, which are kinda boring, but that is just my taste. Another benefit of this mod is the fact that it also enhances menues. See, in the normal version of the game, there are only like three choices displayed during dialogs, if you want to see the other choices you have to scroll. Using this mod allows you to view eight or nine, if I'm not mistaken.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

REVIEW: Fallout 3

Genre: RPG
Release: 2008
Platform: PC, Xbox360, PS3
Graphics: Mediocre. The setting itself was conveyed nicely, but due to the Gamebryo engine every face was fucked up and every animation was awkward. As a whole it was okay, but not something one would have expected.
Story: The player is born into a vault, your father breaks out of the vault, everyone is mad at you, you break free too and you start chasing your daddy.
The mainstory can be finished quite quickly, but what would a real rpg be without sidequests, right?
If the player really explores the whole wasteland around the destroyed Washington, he can be able to spend a fuckton of time in this game, just like in the previously made games by BethesdaOblivion and Morrowind, which are both black holes for time. But just like in Oblivion you feel never really "at home" in the capital wasteland. I can't put a finger on it, but I guess it's something about the characters not being fleshed out or something. The totally opposite was true for Morrowind. Just as I went off of the boat I felt "it". The game instantly caught my attention. Oblivion wasn't able to do this. And also Fallout 3 wasn't able to do so. Nevertheless it was a fun game, but the quests were just boring and not that fun. Bad writing on Bethesdas side I assume. (Hint: Fallout New Vegas is totally different. But since I haven't finished the mainquest yet I don't want to write about it right now. But just let me tell you this: IT IS SO MUCH BETTER) There was nearly nothing from the old Fallout games, except for stuff like the bobblehead-guy and the bloddy mess perk.
Awesome Fact: You could blow up a small town using an atomic-bomb-dud. Downside: that small settlement is one of the only places worth visiting to do some shopping/sleeping/questing/etc., on the bright side you get a permanent apartment in the highest building in the game.

RATING: 7/10

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Intention or coincidence?

Everyone remembers Golden Sun. But not everyone might remember one of the first commercials for this game, which was quite cool, but everyone thought it had nothing to do with the game itself. If you don't know what I'm talking about, here is the video:
Cool, great, orchestra, flaming arrows, a dragon.
And now let me show you a video from the upcoming Golden Sun: Dark Dawn for the NDS.
So finally a commercial for the first game makes sense.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

I'm back

Yeah, I'm finally back and just picked up this sweet game. I promise that there will be a post about it soon, but as it is with every Final Fantasy game, this one takes its time. Until now, about 2h into it, it's kinda fun, but I still can't figure out, why developers do some of the things done in this game. You can't chose which enemy to attack. 
For ... eh ... tactical purpose?
Also, each of your 4 Heroes of Light is only able to carry 15 items. Including weapons, armor and spellbooks, which are required in order to cast spells. that leaves about 10 item slots open for the usual FF-stuff, potions, phoenix-downs, antidotes, etc. Sounds okay? Nope. Items don't stack.
Okay, whatever, I'll play through, the graphic is beautiful, so that is definitely a part of the game I enjoy. Just running around is nice.
More in the next days.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Bye for a while

As already said before, I'll not be able to post throughout this week. I'll be back on Saturday, hopefully with a Fallout New Vegas review or something. Or maybe I'll do a Fallout 3 review beforehand. We will see.
So bye bye and have nice week. And get NEW VEGAS!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

FIX: Mouse Lag/Acceleration in Fallout New Vegas

First of all I have to apologize, my PC broke down on me so I had to play "Fresh Installation Of Windows 7 And Afterwards Installing All Important Programs Anew". FIOW7AAIAIPA is truly a great game, easy a 10/10.
So that's the reason why there was no update yesterday.
And since I lost my few-hours-into-the-game Fallout New Vegas character I have only time for a small update because I HAVE to play that game, it is just that good.
The hint is a fix for a very annoying bug in F:NV regarding the mouse acceleration: the mouse actually lags. Some may have experienced it, some may not, I have. And it really was a pain in the ass. 
there is an easy way to fix this, all you have to do is to add 
at a certain point in two .ini-files. The first file is located in the F:NV-folder and it's called Fallout_default.ini. You have to search for the [Controls] part in the .ini and then just copy-paste the above lines at the end of that block.
The second .ini you have to change is located in your My Games directory. Somewhere like C:\Users\<your name\Documents\My Games\FalloutNV. This one is just called Fallout.ini. Make sure that the file isn't write-only, search again for the [Controls] part in the file and add the lines.
Congratulations, you are now mouse-lag-free. 

Thursday, October 21, 2010

PREVIEW: Fallout: New Vegas

So I recently got my hands on Fallout: New Vegas and I'm really excited. I'm not that far into the game, but playing it on hardcore is just so much fun, i really don't want to stop playing it. But i gotta admit, don't expect a full review in the next few days, that wouldn't do the game justice. In my opinion a game needs its time, and since I'm not the fastest player out there, the review has to wait a bit. 
But I can already tell that this will be another 8 or 9.
Depends on how the story is written. Maybe it really need more than one playthrough. Time will tell.
Go play it too!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

VIDEO: Minecraft

This is a video, where some people tried to reconstruct Bioshock's Rapture, just using Minecraft. Quite impressive, videos like these make me always want to buy and play the game too, but I'm still not sure if I'll have fun with it in the longterm.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

REVIEW: Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow

Genre: Action-RPG-Jump'n'Run
Release: 2005
Platform: NDS
Graphics: Cool 2D. Nothing overwhelming, although the anime-intro-sequences are extremely cool. It's pretty solid, not the pinnacle of 2D-NDS-graphics, but still it's fun to watch.
Story: Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow begins where Aria of Sorrow ends. Once again you assume the role of Soma Cruz, exchange student and slayer of Dracula, who somehow inherited the dark power of that batguy.
Now in this game a cult has formed which tries to create a new Dark Lord by killing Soma and using his power. Something like that. The gameplay is as good as usual. Once again you have the ability to consume the souls of enemies, leading to a variety of attacks and spells, again you buy items and so on and so forth. There are only two more or less big changes, one being the ability to obtain new items via transforming them using the obtained souls, the other one being magic seals which you need to draw on the touchscreen in order to permanently defeat bosses. Both changes sound cool on paper, but are rarely used ingame. Of course, they are used, but in my opinion they could have introduced more weapons which can be upgraded. But maybe it's just a case of bad memory and there are indeed many changeable weapons. Same deal with these seals: they are only used on bosses, but are also increasing in their difficulty to draw, which means once you figured out how to draw one seal properly (usually after the second try, but again, I may be wrong) it will never be used again. Nevertheless, cool features.
Awesome Fact:  Like in the previous game you are allowed to replay the game, keeping your souls and items. Or you can play again the so called JULIUS MODE, this time with a little change: instead of just controlling Julius Belmont, you get to play Joko Belnaded, a which, and Alucard. All these three differ regarding abilities, strength, defense, and so on, but that's no problem since you can swap between them on the go, which is often required to clear certain bosses. Much fun was had.

RATING: 8/10

Monday, October 18, 2010

Celebration and outlook

Wow, during my off-time the followers hit the MAGIC 217 MARK! Thank you guys! 
Okay, just kidding, there is not that much magical about the 217 :(. Althoug 2 plus 17 equals 19, which is funny if you have read the "Dark Tower"-Novels by Stephen King.
Nevertheless, no other review-update today, but I can assure you that there will be one tomorrow and it will be about the successor of last previews Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow, so stay tuned!
Regarding the long term plan: I'll have to be offline the whole next week, also I won't be able to spend that much time on something digital, but I figured I could spend some time thinking about redesigning this whole blog. Just planning it out, actually DOING it is something totally different :F
Also I may disregard this whole one-preview-a-day, since all I could do is write about totally uninteresting games, which would bore you as well as myself. So sometimes, if I stumble over something noteworthy, but also games-related, I shall post that. May it be some kind of news, a screenshot, cool boss-battle-theme, whatever. Even if it's HARDCORE-GAMER-HARDWARE it might get posted, as long as I find it interesting enough.
But of course, in the long run the focus lies definitely on the reviews, and there are quite a few to come, with games like Fallout: New Vegas (PC) or Final Fantasy: 4 Heroes of Light (NDS) around the corner or already out.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow

Genre: Action-Adventure (with some RPG elements. Also: Jump'n'Run)
Release: 2003
Platform: GBA
Graphics: Good. This was 2D as good as it gets on the GBA, the sprites were clear, the areas diverse, enemies colorful. Awesome.
Story: The story seems kinda uncommon for a Castlevania game, mostly because of the setting. Usually one would assume to hunt Dracula somewhere in the Middle Ages or whenever, at least somewhere in the past. Not this time. Aria of Sorrow forwards the story to the year 2035 in Japan, where the exchange student Soma Cruz is visiting some kind of shrine during a solar eclipse. Because of some sort of magic or whatnot, Soma and his friend Mina are teleported into the eclipse (don't ask me what that means, but that is the description of the events happening the game gives you :F) right at the foot of Dracula's castle. Somehow you get to know that Soma is in some way the heir of some kind of dark force which renders him able to absorb the souls of slain enemies. So you go on and try to get rid of Dracula.
Key-Feature in this game is the soul-absorbing. It is possible to get a soul out of every opponent, it only takes some time. Some enemies, like bosses, are always spawning their soul, because you need the soul to advance in the game.
Need the soul? What the hell?
Easy, every soul allows you to do some new stuff. Most of the time it's only a different attack you learn, but sometimes it's stuff like the double-jump or underwater-breathing or whatever. There are 3 different sorts of souls, one is the "active" sort, which can be used like normal weapons. These will always cost you some mana, or energy, I can't remember how it was called in this game. Then there are souls with a continuous effect, like transforming you into a monster, and stuff like that. These will suck your mana dry as long as they are activated. And then there are passive souls, which grant you stuff like "+10 Strenght". Always active, no costs.
At any point in the game you can always just have one of each type equipped, so this is where things get tactical.
This soul-absorbing is really more of a time-absorbing feature, since you get this Pokémon-like-feeling of GOTTA CATCH EM ALL, just because you think "mh, this monster looks cool, I wonder what kind of soul it has" and soon you'll find yourself grinding for hours on one spot, on one monster, just because you think it MIGHT offer you a cool ability. Sounds lame but in reality it is addicting and fun.
Awesome Fact: After you finish the game there is a possibility to start it anew, this time with increased difficulty. OR you can start anew playing as JULIUS BELMONT with different abilities. Pretty neat-o.

RATING: 8/10

Friday, October 15, 2010

I'm in a hurry

Sorry guys, no big update this time. Maybe not even tomorrow. Family stuff :F
But I'll be back of course.
At the moment I'm thinking about doing a review-series about game-series I played, like ZeldaPokémon, or some of the Final Fantasy games. But I haven't decided yet, time will tell.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Warhammer 40000: Dawn of War

Genre: RTS
Release: 2004
Platform: PC
Graphics: Nice. Quite detailed and the effects were also cool to look at. Of course it isn't on par with todays graphics, since there is already a successor, nevertheless they are good.
Story: If I remember correctly some Orcs tried to conquer some planet and "you" are send to get rid of them. "You" being the commander of the Blood Ravens. So much for the campaign. There are also two other factions, the Chaos Space Marines and the Eldar, which are also in some kind involved in the story, but mh, I can't remember how. I guess I just played the multiplayer part of the game.
Which is really awesome. During that time I wasn't really into any kind of RTS-game, apart from Warcraft III that is, so I was really surprised how fun it could be. I really can't say anything about balance and stuff, but I still like the idea behind this game. Instead of the usual resources like GOLD or MINERALS or MONEY you have to collect some kind of RESOURCE-POINTS (RP from now on :F) by capturing certain special points which are spread out over the map. The more you control, the more RP you get, the more you can build. You capture these points-producing-points by moving a squad of marines or whatever next to them and if you are the only player around for a certain time the location will be yours.
Match-End-Conditions are interesting, since you can choose what the goal of a match should be. It could be the usual DESTROY THE ENEMY PLAYER, what we know from nearly every RTS like Warcraft, Starcraft, AoE and whatnot. It could also be CAPTURE XXX RP or HOLD MORE THAN HALF OF THE POINTS-GENERATING-POINTS-OF-WHICH-I-FORGOT-THE-NAME FOR A CERTAIN TIME or CAPTURE ALL RELICS or or or. Really funny. And since you NEED to capture these points in order to advance your army the matches are really fast paced and action packed. Personally, I really liked it.
Awesome Fact: There are three addons, which add a total of five new factions, so the overall number of playable races is now nine. Which is pretty cool, because if I remember correctly every faction is played differently. The Necrons are slow and pretty hardhitting, the Eldar are swift hit-and-runners, the Imperial Army is a meat-shield, dealing damage using big tanks, and so on. As stated, awesome.

RATING: 8/10