Saturday, October 2, 2010

so here it is...

okay, since i don't have enough time due to various reasons to write long and tedious game-reviews or to create boring and uninteresting game-videos, i decided to handle all that via some kind of micro reviews.
this blog will exist to remind myself about what i thought about which game at which date, but maybe it will also be helpful for other people, who are just a lazy fucker like me :F
the blog will begin with some of the older games i played and plowed through, just to get the thing started, but as soon as i don't have anymore to write about the old stuff i will of course move on to more current games.
as for the platforms: i own an nds, a wii, an android phone and of course a pc, which is usesd, of course, for gaming.

so stay a while and listen!

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